"Apparently Scott Kemery's deranged belief that he is being attack by bugs has nearly killed him. He soaked his car in rubbing alcohol and then lit a cigarette torching himself, his two month over due rental car along with two other cars parked next to him. Scott was airlifted to Stonybrook with first and second degree burns...Maybe NOW they can institutionalize him??"  one user.

​From another user.  "How did he obtain a rental car? Did some well meaning 'friend' send him money? Or perhaps it came from someone as ill and untreated as he is? 

"This sad incident was picked up by almost every news outlet without any mention of mental illness or follow up. Tragic. He used to be a vibrant, funny, human being. Not sure the brand of horsemanship he practiced (high stakes, big money) isn't what did him in. Too sad."....and another user.


According to his own wordpress blog..."There are six or so tiers to this cult, at the top of the tiers is the leaders of the cult. Below that is the clients who visit various locations owned by the cult around the United States where lectures and services are provided for the client. Below this is the third tier which is called the ‘DEA Group’ by the cult, this group is made up of many young adults who mostly come from wealthy families and stand to inherit a good deal of money. One person I know from this tier told me when his mother dies he will give all of his inheritance to Dennis for him to manage and that at this time he only has a few hundred thousand dollars left from the money his father left him when he died many years ago. The members of the DEA Group mostly play all day and night, they use lots of drugs and experiment with lots of technology provided to them by their bosses which was acquired by them from the CIA. Below the DEA Group is the group that was somewhat formed by the Crossing Church which I refer to as ‘Bricks’. Many of these men and women were abducted from outside that church but many were recruited from inside the church. This group is the group that is used as slave labor for their wages and services. Below that group is the individual known as Scott T. Kemery who was abducted by that cult then used and abused for profit. I was kept apart from most of the members of that group until this past summer when the entire cult began following me from Grand Rapids to anywhere I went since them, while that group swarmed me for months I began inquiring about being compensated for being used for that app and was told I would be killed and would never be paid.

As of this morning I was told my mother and father were both killed by Dennis Suskind and the rest of the cult leaders as have been my sisters Tara and Tracy and her husband Mike Saracino. I was told just a few minutes ago my niece Olivia Saracino and my nephew Michael Saracino were murdered this morning by men who work for Dennis Suskind and the rest, Olivia was being kept someplace secretly by Dennis and Michael was working for that group on a new app in New York City where he was delivered by Joan Lunden for the sum of $50,000 to Dennis Suskind as Joan was watching Michael for my sister Tracy while Tracy was in a drug rehab. I was told Dennis said both Sean and I would be killed today to finish up the Kemery family so he could collect on the life insurance policies he took out on us years ago.raph here."

Scott Kemery St Kemery

And another arrest.

ST Kemery What they did to me